Episodes and Updates for #YAFPNW

A Mindset for Career and Succession Planning Success

Debbie Grose, CFP®, Chief Operating Officer of Lake Tahoe Wealth Management, is a dynamic woman in the world of financial planning. She’s passionate about mentorship, and has often led the charge when it comes to guiding new planners through successful careers. In this episode, Debbie is going over how her experience with succession planning went, what she would have done differently, and how new planners can start conversations around ownership in their own firm.

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A Survey of Succession Planning

Vanessa Oligino, the Director of RIA Practice Management at TD Ameritrade challenges new planners with succession planning research. She challenges them to really consider what is best for them personally and critically evaluate whether or a firm is one you should buy into. Knowing what’s most important to you as well as what your non-negotiables would be related to firm ownership are critical to identify before considering potential succession opportunities.

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Paraplanning: Finding the Perfect Fit

As the founder of Simply Paraplanner, Alex Hopkin, AFC®, CFP®, has created a home for paraplanners and financial planning firms to connect. Simply Paraplanner offers a space for paraplanners to grow their skillsets and find virtual work, and a spot for financial planning practice owners to find a paraplanner that’s a perfect fit for their needs. Ready to learn more? Tune in now!

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